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Hard Water Map

(Image courtesy of British Water).We have all heard of it – but what exactly is soft water? Or, for that matter, hard water?Whether your water-supply consists of hard or soft water is determined by the geology of the ground that the rain in your region falls upon. Pure rainwater is naturally soft but the chalk…

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Great tasting Drinking Water

There’s nothing quite like a glass of great tasting water. Great water makes every thing else taste better including your favourite drinks and recipes.Filter jugs are slow,clumsy and produce a limited amount of water, tap mounted filters are unattractive and awkward and bottled water is expensive, cumbersome and could be up to two years old.Kinetico…

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Soft water saves money

With soft water in your home, all the time you spend dealing with limescale will now be your free time to do the things you really want to do.Without limescale build-up, central heating systems run more efficiently – saving on billsUse up to 75% less soap and detergents with soft water – saving on cleaning…

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Chemistry of Hard and Soft water

I’m sure you’ve heard the terms ‘hard water’ and ‘soft water’, but do you know what they mean? Is one type of water somehow better than the other? What type of water do you have? Let’s take a look at the definitions of these terms and how they relate to water in everyday life.Hard water…

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A Brief History of Kinetico in the UK

During 1978 Kinetico Incorporated appointed a UK distributor / assembler. With financial and design assistance from Kinetico Incorporated, this Surrey based distributor/assembler developed a non-electric water softener which best suited the UK market and, through this continued joint venture, the Kinetico Block Salt water softener was evolved.Kinetico Incorporated takes great pride in the expert resources…

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Pure water from Kinetico at the Worcestershire Royal Hospital

When the Worcestershire Royal Hospital opened, it had been equipped with a Kinetico water treatment system to supply pure hot water to its theatre areas and to washer disinfector units used for cleaning and disinfecting medical devices.In recent years, partly in response to concerns about the transmission of variant CJD via reusable surgical instruments; and…

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Broadcrest and Kinetico: Pure sound quality relies on a pure source of water

When Broadcrest UK, part of multinational digital media producer MPO, relocated and expanded its CD manufacturing facility, it took the opportunity to upgrade its ultra-pure water supply with the latest reverse osmosis (RO) and deionising (DI) equipment from Kinetico UK.The manufacturing process involved in creating the “stamper” plates used to press CDs is complex, is…

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What is Water Softening?

When water contains a significant amount of calcium and magnesium, it is called hard water. Hard water is known to clog pipes and to complicate soap and detergent dissolving in water. Water softening is a technique that serves the removal of the ions that cause the water to be hard, in most cases calcium and…

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What is Hard Water?

Hard water is formed when rainwater passes through chalk and limestone rocks, absorbing calcium and magnesium minerals.In an estimated 60% of UK homes, the mains water supply is ‘hard’, with Eastern, Central and Southern UK water defined as ‘hard to very hard’, due to the geology of these regions.The minerals contained in hard water settle…

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Bottled Water

best water softener system

Bottled Water FactsFuelled by today’s health conscious culture, where we are more aware than ever of what we put into our bodies and bombarded by pictures of glamorous celebrities clutching bottles of water, drinking bottled water has been linked to a pure and wholesome lifestyle. But while fresh drinking water is essential to our daily…

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