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Take it with a pinch of Halite

A handful of salt tablets

Salt, a natural crystalline mineral derived from Rock Salt or Halite. Salt is mostly made up of sodium chloride, the chemical formula NaCI. But other than sprinkling it on your chips – what do you know about it?

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Christmas 2019

premier softener and salt

To make sure you don’t run out of salt over the festive period please note than salt delivery orders made on, or after, the 18th December can not be guaranteed for pre-Christmas or New Year delivery. We are open as usual until 17:00hrs on the 23rd December for salt collection, filters and water softener demonstrations…

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Salt Collection

salt collection

See our latest one minute ad, showing just how easy it is to collect your salt, for any make or model water softener, from our showroom in Holt.

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Is your water affecting how you look and feel?

young boy washing hair

It sounds unrealistic to blame the water that comes from within your home for having skin that is dry and itchy, or hair that is coarse and unmanageable. But is it? More and more people across the world are beginning to discover that by taking the steps to install a water softener system, they can…

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How does a water softener work?

water softener system running tap

Although there are some different styles on the market, and different manufacturers may use different names, the basic process that all water softeners use is the same. Hard water, usually from the mains, is passed over resin beads. These beads remove the magnesium and calcium from the hard water and replace them with harmless sodium…

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Klear Water Systems Frome Now Closed

West of England Water softeners are now the authorised Kinetico dealer for Frome.

Klear Water Systems Frome showroom has now closed down. Kinetico are pleased to announce that your local authorised Kinetico dealer for Frome is W.E. Softeners Ltd near Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire. They are happy to offer sales, service, repairs and block salt to customers within the area formally serviced by Klear Water Systems. You will…

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Frome cheese show 2014

Come and see us at the Frome Cheese Show on Saturday 13th September 2014. We are pleased to say that Frome lies within the W.E Softeners support Area.

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Environmental Considerations

Kinetico Premier Compact

If you want better water, but not at the expense of the environment, look to Kinetico. Unlike other water treatment options, Kinetico water softeners use the laws of nature to operate, without taking a toll on Mother Nature. Kinetico systems use less salt and water, work better and last longer, which keeps them out of…

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Benefits of Softened Water

young boy washing hair

You may not know this but a study has shown that softened water reduces weekly household cleaning time from four to two hours and 21 minutes – saving more than 10 days per year! Experience smoother skin and silkier hairEnjoy the everyday experience of softer and silky hair and revitalised, moisturised and bright looking skin.Softer,…

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