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Instant boiling waterDrinking water taps

Drinking Water and Mixer Taps

Supply and professional installation with five star backup.

Instant Boiling Water

Supply and professional installation with the benefit of full support and backup within our area.

We have many different types of tap available. Each has a particular function and design to make your life easier.


Instant Hot Water Taps

water filtration system

These are fitted to your kitchen and provide boiling water on demand.

3 Way Taps

APL soft water three way taps

The 3 Way Kitchen Tap has been increasing in popularity throughout the UK over the last decade. This has been down to the ever increasing popularity of water filter systems and also down to the convenience a 3 way tap provides; a single installation with the luxury of a mixer plus drinking water in one unit. This is achieved with the hot tap functioning in the normal way, whilst the cold tap has normal hard water and if pushed the opposite way will produce filtered water, when fitted with a filter system.


Mixer Taps

These are standard in a modern kitchen and deliver mixed hot and cold softened water into a single stream. This is ideal for all purposes. As water is softened you should install a separate drinking water tap that bypasses the water softener and ideally, passes through a drinking water filter.

Drinking water taps

water softener system

Drinking water taps bypass your water softener and offer clean fresh water filtered through an under sink drinking water system.

Single Taps

Separate Hot and Cold taps. Traditionally hot water was delivered through a separate hot tap, and cold water through a cold tap. In modern kitchens this is no longer the case and generally kitchens have a mixer tap for hot and cold water. Whether you have a mixer tap, or single taps, when you have a water softener installed we recommend an additional separate drinking water tap.