W.E. Softeners | Water Softeners and Accessories for the West of England

Great tasting drinking water:

There’s nothing quite like a glass of great tasting water. Great water makes every thing else taste better including your favourite drinks and recipes.

Filter jugs are slow,clumsy and produce a limited amount of water, tap mounted filters are unattractive and awkward and bottled water is expensive, cumbersome, could be up to two years old and the plastic bottles are non environmentally friendly.

Kinetico Drinking Water Systems and Filters make it easier than ever to get quality drinking water straight from your tap 24 hours a day every day.

  • Quench your thirst with quality,clean and clear drinking water on tap 24 hours a day
  • Taste the difference immediately
  • Save money – never buy bottled water for use at home again
  • Wash and cook your fresh food and vegetables in the best quality water
  • We offer a choice of systems to suit your pocket and lifestyle