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Is your water affecting how you look and feel?:

It sounds unrealistic to blame the water that comes from within your home for having skin that is dry and itchy, or hair that is coarse and unmanageable. But is it?

More and more people across the world are beginning to discover that by taking the steps to install a water softener system, they can easily and effectively overhaul their beauty routine. This can really have a positive impact on the feel and appearance of their skin and hair, and their overall feeling of wellbeing.

The water that supplies most homes is hard water, which contains minerals such as calcium and magnesium. As it travels through the ground and waterways, it gathers more minerals, making the water hard. A water softening system works by removing these minerals using resin beads.

Hard water can react with soap when the two come into contact with each other, and create a sticky residue that can clog you pores, making it feel dry and itchy. Soft water allows the soap to lather better, meaning less chance of blocked pores, cleaner softer skin, and overall less soap is needed.

The same applies when it is used to wash your hair. Hard water can give your hair a dry, lifeless feel, as the minerals can cause the hair cuticles to stand up, and more shampoo is needed to lather well. Installing a water softener means that less shampoo is needed to create lather, and your hair can stay shiny and silky soft as it uses more of the body’s natural oils.

The reduction in general build up means that water that has been through a water purification process, as with a water softener, tastes better. The water released from the tap is cleaner and purer, which can ultimately impact not only on how you look, but also how you feel.