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Harvey Gemini XL Water Softener

The Gemini XL model from Harvey Water Softeners is a slightly larger water softener, suitable for homes with 3-4 bathrooms.  Although it is bigger it can still fit into a kitchen cupboard like the Gemini V4 water softener.

Using the twin cylinder design, it softens your water and cleans itself at the same time, without loss of supply.

The Gemini XL water softener uses either block salt or tablet salt added through the top when necessary.

Manufactured in Britain, Harvey Water Softeners have over 40 years of experience.

Gemini XL

The Gemini XL produces up to 6,000 litres of softened water per day.

It is best suited to households with 3 to 4 bathrooms.

It is a non-electric water softener which uses block or tablet salt.

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Softener Size (w x d x h) 250 x 440 x 500 mm
Cabinet Size (w x d x h) 250 x 440 x 370 mm
Maximum Flow Rate 80 l/min
Salt used / Capacity 0.9 - 1.3 kg
Time  20 minutes
Volume 37 litres
Operating Pressure (Min/Max) 1 - 8 bar  (PRV recommended at 6 bar)
Soft water capacity (per day) 6444 l


  • Water softener from Harveys using the latest technology
  • Supports households with 3-4 full bathrooms
  • Simple to use. Nothing to plug in, no timers to set and no buttons to push
  • Designed to fit into a  kitchen cupboard
  • For homes with all types of plumbing systems
  • Made in Britain, tested for maximum durability
  • Twin cylinder system for uninterrupted softened water
  • Easy access salt cabinet, simply lift lid and add salt blocks or tablets
  • Accurate displacement meter
  • High meter efficiency