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Harvey Minimax Innova Water Softener

Introducing the new, 5th generation water softener from Harvey Water Softeners – The Minimax Innova.

This water softener is only available through trusted Harvey dealers, so we’re extremely pleased to offer you this cutting edge softener, with its improved design and eco features.

It has been hand built in the UK and the cabinet contains 65% recycled plastic and overall it uses 38% less plastic than earlier models.

An ideal addition to your home, it can happily fit in the cupboard under the sink, under the stairs or even outside. As the Minimax Innova is smaller than previous designs, it uses the new, smaller Curve block salt so it is  easier to maintain.

Harvey Minimax Innova in the kitchenFitting Harvey Curve block salt

After installing a Minimax Innova, you will benefit from softened water all around your home. No more limescale ruining your kitchen, utility or bathroom surfaces. You will have shiny sinks, baths and shower screens, unclogged taps and shower  heads, free flowing pipes and heating systems and your washing machine and dishwasher will last longer.

The twin cylinder design with accurate displacement meters ensures it supplies uninterrupted softened water.

The Minimax Innova is best suited to homes with 2 or 3 full bathrooms (a full bathroom is considered to be a toilet, hand basin, bath and/or shower. A downstairs or separate toilet and hand basin is not counted as a full bathroom).

Compact and non-electric, the Minimax Innova water softener is ideal for your family home.

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Size (w x d x h) 202 x 438 x 487 mm
Maximum Flow Rate 51 l/min
Salt used / Capacity 0.25 - 0.30 kg / 8 kg
Time 11 minutes
Volume 17 litres
Operating Pressure (Min/Max) 1 - 10 bar  (PRV recommended from 6 bar)
Soft water capacity (per day) 3000 l


Harveys Minimax Innova Water Softener Features

  • 5th generation water softener from Harvey using new design with latest technology
  • Supports households with 2-3 full bathrooms
  • Simple to use. Nothing to plug in, no timers to set and no buttons to push
  • Small and compact, designed to fit cupboards under the kitchen sink, cloak room or utility
  • Minimal pressure loss, for homes with all types of plumbing systems
  • Made in Britain, tested for maximum durability
  • Twin cylinder, duplex parallel  system for uninterrupted softened water
  • Smart meters to cater for the intricacies of all British plumbing systems (tanks, combi boilers, etc)
  • Displacement meters allow regeneration with absolute accuracy
  • Low pressure injector ensure maximum reliability regardless of fluctuating pressures
  • Salt viewing window to easily see when blocks need replacing
  • Cabinet made from 65%% recycled plastic
  • WRAS approved
  • Curved block salt for easier maintenance