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Kinetico AquaGuard 7500 Drinking Water Filter – Replacement Cartridge

Kinetico AquaGuard 7500 replacement cartridge 9308/ 9308A

Replacement cartridge for AquaGuard 7500, removes tastes and odours along with heavy metals.

Tested and certified by NSF International against NSF/ANSI Standard 42.

The Kinetico Drinking Water Filter model 7500 with MACguard is for the reduction of taste, odour, and aesthetic chlorine to NSF/ANSI Standard 42 and 53 for reduction of lead, VOC and MTBE as verified and substantiated by test data.

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Kinetico AquaGuard 7500 Drinking Water System. AquaGuard 7500


Taste, Odour, Lead, VOC and MTBE Filter Cartridge

WARNING To avoid injury and/or property damage, system must be depressurised before attempting to change cartridges. See Step 1 of this instruction sheet for proper procedure. If you are unsure about any part of the cartridge replacement procedure, contact us for assistance. If you are outside the South West of England, find the dealer nearest you using Kinetico's website. This cartridge (Part No. 9308A) is designed for the reduction of taste, odour, aesthetic chlorine, lead, volatile organic compounds and MTBE (methyl tertiary butyl ether). This replacement component is for use exclusively in the Kinetico Drinking Water Filter Model 7500. Conforms to NSF/ANSI 53 for VOC Reduction. See Performance Data Sheet for individual contaminants and reduction performance.
NOTE: The MACguard Filter cartridge automatically shuts off/reduces flow to a fine trickle after 1,892 litres (500 gallons) of water have been processed. Cartridge replacement is required to restore water flow. Installation must comply all applicable laws and regulations.

Replacement Instructions:

1. Turn off the feed water to the unit. If you have a Kinetico Drinking Water System with a storage tank, shut off the valve on the storage tank by rotating the handle (if included). Open the drinking water tap to depressurise the system All air/water flow must cease before continuing with Step 2. This may take several minutes. 2. Disengage the cartridge by turning clockwise. Pull the cartridge down from the head. Discard the cartridge. Cartridge and head directions 3. Remove tamper-proof cap from the new cartridge by pulling the tear tab. Fill the cartridge with tap water to expel any air. water filtration upward arrow 4. Insert the cartridge into the head and rotate anticlockwise. 5. Turn on the feed water. If you have a Kinetico Drinking Water System with a storage tank, open the valve on the storage tank (if included). 6. Allow the tap to remain open for approximately 15 minutes. It is necessary to rinse a minimum of two tank fills to purge air and rinse carbon fines. 7. Close the tap. 8. Check for leaks. 9. Replacement is complete.