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Quooker Fusion Square

Combination boiling-water and mixer tap in Nordic design, complete with childproof push-and-turn handle and angled spout.

Quooker Fusion Square Finishes



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Hidden Tanks


Quooker PRO-VAQ tanks sit neatly under your kitchen sink, providing instant 100°C boiling water on demand. The three litre volume of the PRO3-VAQ will suit the majority of households.  


Like the PRO3-VAQ the PRO7-VAQ and PRO11-VAQ tanks also position neatly under a kitchen sink, to provide instant 100°C boiling water on demand. They are just bigger. Larger families or semi-professional cooks may require the seven litre PRO7-VAQ. The 11 litre PRO11-VAQ is designed specifically to meet the needs of commercial and professional users such as hotels, catering companies and offices. Economical to run, the PRO3-VAQ and PRO7-VAQ standby usage is just 3 pence per day and the PRO11-VAQ comes in at 6 pence.  


Kitchens in mainland Europe often have a separate kitchen boiler to provide instant hot water to their mixer taps. Here in Britain, we tend to pipe our kitchen’s hot water supply all the way from our main boiler, which can mean running the tap for some time before the heat comes through. Now the Quooker COMBI brings instant hot (50-60°C) and boiling water (100°C) all from a single tank tucked under the kitchen sink. Quooker’s COMBI tank is a kitchen breakthrough in convenience, water usage and energy-efficiency. Economical to run, its standby usage is just 3 pence per day.