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Water softeners use salt – regardless of make or model. They do this to regenerate the resin inside your water softener system, which removes the limescale turning your hard water into soft water.

But, it’s not just any old salt products that can be used in your water softener. All our salt products have been selected to offer our customers the finest quality. Not all salt products are the same, please be aware of cheap alternatives – cheaper is not always better.

The variety of salt you require will depend on your water softener. However, the block salt we stock fits perfectly into either a Kinetico block salt or Harveys block salt water softener, as the dimensions, and properties, are exactly the same.

That said, for the new Harvey Minimax Innova water softener, you can only use the new curved salt (which also fits in the Harvey Arc or Cobalt models).

You will need to top up the salt occasionally; the period will depend upon a number of factors:

  • Number of people in your home – using water
  • Quantity of water used – visitors come to stay.
  • Age and condition of your water softener system

To avoid contamination you should only use pure grade water softener salt.

We sell competitively priced salt products for collection and delivery in our operational region, regardless of make, model or supplier.

We stock the following water softener salt varieties:

Curve Block Tablet
Harveys Curve Salt Block
4.3kg 8kg 10kg / 25kg
£3.20 £5.80 £7.50 / £14.00

It is important to get the correct grade and quality of salt. Please do not try to use other salt products in your water softener system.

See just how easy it is to collect your salt – drive straight up to the storeroom.

Collect your block, tablet or granular salt from our premises in Holt during opening hours or arrange a delivery within our local region.

Delivery charges apply - please call us for details.

Salt Collection

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Collect your salt from here:

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We offer a salt delivery service within our region.

Minimum order quantity and distance terms apply.

The delivery charge is dependent on distance from our premises. Please call us for details.

Salt Delivery

WE Softeners Regional Map This map provides an overview of our operational region. A standard delivery charge applies inside the blue circle, with additional price per mile between the blue and red circle.