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Soft water saves money:

With soft water in your home, all the time you spend dealing with limescale will now be your free time to do the things you really want to do.

Without limescale build-up, central heating systems run more efficiently – saving on bills
Use up to 75% less soap and detergents with soft water – saving on cleaning products & toiletries
Washing machines and appliances last longer and won’t break down due to limescale damage
An average family of 4 could save over £400 a year with soft water. Contact your dealer to see how
Spend less time cleaning

No more scrubbing to remove hard water marks in a stainless steel kitchen
No more hours spent unclogging blocked shower heads
No more scum or limescale build up on your sinks, baths or shower screens
Look and feel great

Your hair will feel silky, soft and healthy
Your skin will feel cleaner, smoother and moisturised
Your laundry will be brighter and whiter
Featured products from the Kinetico water softener range…

To ensure you receive the full product warranty, only purchase Kinetico products from your local authorised Kinetico dealer.

2020c Water Softener »

With an innovative, sleek and compact design, the 2020c water softener oozes style. Providing soft water to the whole house 24 hours a day and, once you’ve got used to a life with soft water, you’ll wonder how and why you ever managed without it. More details »

Mini Kinetic B Water Softener »

From the day it is installed the Mini Kinetic B water softener will prove an all round investment, taking away the worry and expense of limescale build up, allowing you more time and money to spend on the fun things in life. More details »

Which water softener is right for you?

Kinetico has a range of water softener solutions to suit all types of requirement. Our authorised dealers will guide and assist you in selecting the most-suitable option for your needs. Find your nearest dealer and arrange a home demonstration…