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Why Soft Water?

There are lots of reasons people prefer soft water to the hard water we experience in the West of England. Rain falls as soft water and becomes hard water across our region due to the geology. Here’s the science bit from Fuse School, click on the picture below to watch a short video…

Rainwater falls as soft water

By installing a water softener, you can:

  • Eliminate limescale from new appliances and surfaces in both the kitchen and the bathroom. 
  • Reduce the existing limescale which has already built up in your appliances, over time.
  • Lessen the damage you can’t see, caused by limescale in your pipes and water heating systems.
  • Prolong the life of your boiler, washing machine, shower and dishwasher.
  • Slash your shopping budget for detergents, cleaning and de-scaling products.
  • Decrease the hours spent cleaning, scrubbing and de-scaling to remove limescale, watermarks and scum-lines.
  • Minimise the release of chemicals from the detergents, cleaning and de-scaling products into your home and the water treatment system.

Additionally, you can reap the benefits of better skin, soft, silky hair and brighter clothing with your own domestic water softening system.

All the water softeners we recommend are specifically designed to work in the hard water regions of the UK.

Soft water saves money:

  • Without limescale build-up, central heating systems run more efficiently – which should reduce your bills
  • Use up to 75% less soap and detergents with soft water – saving on cleaning products & toiletries
  • Washing machines and appliances last longer and won’t break down due to limescale damage
  • An average family of four could save over £400 a year with soft water. 

Watch these short Kinetico videos to see how a water softener can improve your home. 

Spend less time cleaning:

Just think what you can do with the time you’ll save from no longer having to:

  • Scrub and clean the hard water marks from stainless steel, marble or granite in your kitchen.
  • Unclog blocked shower heads.
  • Scour limescale from your toilet bowl and shower tray.
  • Wipe away scum-lines or limescale built up on your sinks, baths and shower screens.

Look and feel great

It’s not just your home that will look and feel better – it will work for you too:

  • Hair will feel silky and soft, and look much shinier.
  • Skin feels cleaner, smoother less irritated. That tight feeling after a shower or bath will be a thing of the past.
  • Some skin conditions, like eczema or acne, can be improved – see this BBC report about a trial for eczema sufferers or download this report from Kinetico
  • Your laundry should be brighter and whiter, and depending on the quality, softer.

Which water softener is right for you?

A Kinetico Premier Compact water softener is the top of the range non-electric, water softener with innovative, sleek and compact design, and up to the minute technology.

Enough though it will be hidden away, in most cases, the Premier Compact water softener oozes style.

It effortlessly provides soft water to the whole house 24 hours a day. Once you get used to a life with soft water (and it won’t take long!), you’ll wonder how and why you ever managed without it.

Kinetico has a range of water softener solutions to suit all needs. We are an authorised dealer for the West of England, and will guide and assist you through the selection process with our free, no obligation demonstration and survey, making sure you receive the best possible outcome. After all, our customers become our friends, as we build our relationship for many years of hassle-free water softening.

We not only provide installation but salt collection, delivery and servicing. Our customers rate us highly, don’t take our word for it, read our reviews.